Devices designed and assembled by SATELCOM, C.A.

DDP (Double Step Detection):

Device to be installed in the vehicular access area of ??the parking lot, by activating an alarm, alerting the driver and the caretaker, if a second vehicle or person passes through the gate behind which activated its opening.

If a second authorized vehicle needs to pass through the gate behind the first, you should only activate your remote control and in this way will be the first in the count, thus being protected for a possible second unauthorized step.

DAA (Opening Notice Device):

To be installed in the areas of vehicular and / or pedestrian access, this device is oriented to alert the attendant on duty, by activating an alarm inside the garage, the moment in which each of the parking gates are opened , as well as pedestrian access.

The time and audio level are adjustable depending on the needs of the area to be operated.

DIS (Safety Lighting Device):

This safety system is programmed to automatically turn on a series of high-power lighting reflectors to be installed on the entire façade of the building, at every opportunity that vehicular gates are opened, in order to make a zone of perfect visualization, both by the driver of the vehicle that needs to enter the parking area, as well as the security personnel.

These reflectors will remain on while any of the vehicle gates are open and will shut down immediately upon closing. The series of reflectors can also be turned on manually by security personnel at any time it deems necessary, even if all closed vehicle gates.