CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

In the design, delivery and installation of video systems we can offer you a wide range of products of the highest quality both to form analogue and digital systems, being able to transmit these signals wirelessly to wherever you wish, in the same way you can observe the camera system in your home or business from anywhere in the world just by having access to a personal computer.

For the shaping of the intelligent video systems, analytical and predictive software, whether or not embedded in digital cameras, are presently contemplated.

Including all video storage devices such as DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder), as well as their accessories and peripherals.

Access Controls

Security subsystem aimed at identifying and restricting the entry or exit of pedestrians and vehicles, as well as keeping records of their use over time, which can be consulted through predetermined reports.

With the implementation of technologies such as: proximity, biometrics and RF, we identify which is the one that applies to their needs, taking into account, number of users, area to be implemented the system, number of doors and work done in the business.

Physical barriers will determine whether the needs in the project are electrical sockets, electromagnetic locks, vehicular mechanical augers, automatic pistons (bollards) or high performance vehicle barriers.

Perimeter security

Acting as the outer ring in any building, this represents the first barrier to any intrusion and should not be taken into account in any Security Project.

This subsystem includes both artificial and physical barriers, consisting of perimetral or natural walls or gratings, formed by vegetation or terrain levels, such as electronic ones, consisting of electric fences, photoelectric, infrared or microwave barriers.


With the use of the most reliable brands in the market we can design and install an alarm system against theft or theft and monitor it by telephone, radio or satellite from our Monitoring Center.

This system can also fulfill the control functions, reporting to the Local Control Center or Situational Room the status of each of its peripherals.


Our team of professionals is able to advise you on the creation of a voice and data radio system, wired or wireless, adapted to the needs of your company or condominium in the same way if you already have a system, we can optimize your requirements .

The system can consist of HF (High Frecuency), Very High Frequency (VHF) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) bands to form analog and digital networks for voice and / or telemetry.

We have the representation of the most important brands of equipment and accessories in the area of communications, in this way we will recommend the components according to your needs, in addition to fully equipped repetition centers located in the main hills of central Venezuela .

In addition to telephone systems, both managed by central analogies and in IP (Internet Protocol) mode using the Internet.

We manage and manage wired structured networks, based on UTP (Unshielded Tuisted Pair) or Fiber Optic transmission lines.

Musical environment and messaging

In the area of communications we can design, supply, install and maintain musical environment systems for both office and residential areas, as well as for open areas such as parks and recreation areas, such networks can be used both for musical environment and for sending sound messages and staff location.