Any implementation of an electronic security system must be preceded by a feasibility study, a risk assessment and consequently the elaboration of a Security Project, where the real needs of the area of ??study are determined.

A Safety Project, in addition to the aforementioned, includes the Access Control subsystems, those of Video either analog or digital, Anti-Theft Alarms, warning and control alarms, perimeter security, Communications, Lighting and elaboration of Manuals of Procedures for the management of income of people, materials and vehicles.

The integration of all the subsystems that the Safety Project determines are necessary to obtain the required levels of safety in the area under study and the people that comprise it is the ideal conclusion that the multidisciplinary team of Satelcom, C.A. will grant it for later search.

Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance

We put at your disposal our care and maintenance plans, which can be punctual or regular and are planned and executed by a group of engineers and technicians who will personally attend your home, condominium or company.

We have a complete stock of spare parts, as well as a fully equipped electronics laboratory staffed by highly trained personnel to provide you with the most complete maintenance care, following the requirements expressed in the manufacturer's manuals of the equipment they make their security systems.

Surveillance and remote support

For a better supervision and control of your surveillance personnel, we have a new product that is the radio attention of your security personnel, in 24/7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), supporting it and controlled at all times by periodic calls at predetermined intervals of time, as well as remote monitoring by means of the video cameras installed in the watchtower and its surroundings.

Rent of radios

Through our subsidiary company Operadora Rent-a-Radio, C.A. we can offer mobile radio equipment, portable or fixed, in rental mode for as long as you want, for days, months or indefinitely, costing our company, everything related to preventive maintenance and corrective equipment to ensure thus, its optimal functioning.

Electronic screens

We provide programming and maintenance services for a wide variety of electronic displays, both character matrix and full matrix, which are used in various applications, ranging from airport arrival and departure announcements such as advertising messages in offices or to fresh air.

In this area we can also offer queuing management systems, using numeric displays and ticket dispensing devices.


Through our subsidiary company Orbilink de Venezuela, C.A. and Orbilink Telematica, C.A. we put at your disposal the most advanced satellite positioning technology through global positioning systems (GPS), covering the entire American continent, with an automated monitoring center 24 hours a day.


By means of the physical and electronic management of the security systems we manage the operative correlation of the components of the elements that integrate it, take advantage of the technical resources already installed or to be installed, so that all the subsystems contribute to the final result that is the obtaining of the levels of security needed to create an optimal working environment and level of peace of mind in your residential area.

In order to optimize the interaction of the systems and achieve automation, we use the principles of Domotics and Inmótica, for the home and for the industry respectively.


The operational link of the elements that integrate as many security systems as the services of a building, such as: lighting, air conditioning, water pump management or forced air circulation, can be interconnected, after performing an analysis and coupling of communication protocols.

This operational link is made with the purpose of optimizing the operation and the energy consumption of each of the elements that integrate it, even following the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standards, organization that regulates internationally everything related to buildings , houses and green neighborhoods.