Orbilink de Venezuela C.A. and Orbilink Telematica, C.A. were created with the aim of integrating various solutions in Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) global satellite positioning (GPS). Our company starts operations in this new service in June of the year 2000.

Fully Venezuelan personnel and with highly recognized suppliers and manufacturers certification, our company generates localization, location and status solutions for mobile and active units fixed, so necessary today due to the lamentable increase of criminal index in the country, throughout the geography of the national territory and the rest of the world through satellite positioning.

Carrier Rent-a-Radio, CA , is a company that has been exclusively dedicated to the rental market in the field of radio communication with a trajectory in Venezuela of more than 20 years, offering solutions ideal and avant-garde for companies or construction contractors, farmers, maintenance companies, private security and surveillance, tourism, sports, travel, holiday camps, shows, concerts, parties, special events, shops, shopping malls, condominiums, buildings, custodies , etc., we also have signal repetition service in the most important cities of the country to extend coverage if necessary. Our company counts on a workforce of highly qualified and with ample knowledge to give the best attention and satisfaction to our clientele to national level.

Sistemas Integrales de Seguridad y Tecnología Valencia C.A. (SISTEC Valencia, CA) , is the leading company in Security for Residential, Commercial and Industrial, through the installation, maintenance and monitoring of digital alarms, perimeter fences and video systems adapted to your needs and budget.