Surveillance and remote support
For better monitoring and control of your surveillance personnel
Security alarms
With the use of the most reliable brands in the market
Security project
Necessary to obtain the required security levels
CCTV - Closed circuit Television
Supply and installation of video systems.

Security Tips

Tip #7

Carry only a credit card and a debit card in your wallet, if you lose it, you only have to cancel those two, it will also look less ostentatious when you open it in a public place, you can rotate them if you want to take advantage of the credits of all you have.


Tip #6

Program your cell phone with automatic locking maximum at 5 minutes without activity, in this way, if you lose or steal it, not be able to access your information, even if it is a bit cumbersome to unblock it every time it is going to be used, it is the only way to keep your data safe.


Tip #5

When you have to take a friend somewhere, under no circumstances should you stay inside the parked vehicle, just stop yourself from getting off, otherwise continue driving until the conversation ends.



CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

We can offer you a wide range of products of the highest quality both to form analog and digital systems.


Access Controls

Security subsystem aimed at identifying and restricting the entry or exit of pedestrians and vehicles, as well as keeping records of their use.


Perimeter security

Acting as the outer ring in any building, this represents the first barrier for any intrusion.



With the use of the most reliable brands in the market we can design and insta



Our team of professionals is able to advise you on the creation of a voice and data radio system, wired or wireless, adapted to the needs of your company or condominium in the same way if you already have a system, we can optimize your requirements .


Musical environment and messaging

In the area of communications we can design, supply, install and maintain musical environment systems for both office and residential areas as well as open areas.


Devices devised, designed and assembled by SATELCOM, C.A.

Device to be installed in the vehicular access area of ??the parking lot, by activating an alarm, alerting the driver and the caretaker, if a second vehicle or person passes through the gate behind which activated its opening.

If a second authorized vehicle needs to pass through the gate behind the first, you should only activate your remote control and in this way will be the first in the count, thus being protected for a possible second unauthorized step.

To be installed in the areas of vehicular and / or pedestrian access, this device is oriented to alert the attendant on duty, by activating an alarm inside the garage, the moment in which each of the parking gates are opened , as well as pedestrian access.

The time and audio level are adjustable depending on the needs of the area to be operated.

This safety system is programmed to automatically turn on a series of high-power lighting reflectors to be installed on the entire façade of the building, at every opportunity that vehicular gates are opened, in order to make a zone of perfect visualization, both by the driver of the vehicle that needs to enter the parking area, as well as the security personnel.

These reflectors will remain on while any of the vehicle gates are open and will shut down immediately upon closing. The series of reflectors can also be turned on manually by security personnel at any time it deems necessary, even if all closed vehicle gates.


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